Various Design Ideas Of Makeup Vanity Table

Best Bathroom Vanity Design

Makeup vanity table is one of furniture that must be owned in a bedroom, especially girl’s room. You must know that vanity is important for you doing makeup and dressing. This table that is completed with big mirror is also useful to store any makeup stuffs and jewelry. Moreover, the table is not only functional, but also can enhance the bedroom décor if you choose a great design for it. There are numerous design ideas for makeup vanity with various sizes, styles, colors, and materials. So, you can find the best design that is fit to décor of your bedroom.

Various Selections for Makeup Vanity Table Design

The materials for the table are varied like wood, glass, stainless steel, metal, and many more. If you have no idea to choose the best material that can be fit to your room décor, wooden table might be a good choice because it can be designed in various styles. The table also can be completed with some storage like drawings beneath the table top and the right and left sides with a space in the middle. The shape is also varied like rectangular, semicircle, or any other decorative curves. Besides, it is commonly designed in console style with the unadorned back side against the wall.

Decorative Mirror Design for Vanity Table

Beside the great design for the table, the mirror also should be designed in lovely look even it can be a focal point in the room. Like the table, the shape of mirror is also various. You can choose round, rectangle, or pretty curved styles. The mirror also can be provided in a single unit or three parts with the biggest size for the middle while the side mirror is designed in small sizes. The mirror frame can be decorated in many styles, like the small bulbs around it to give you additional light.

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