Narrow Side Table Design Ideas With Storage

Narrow Side Table Ikea

Narrow side table – is usually used as nightstand that is put next to the bed. You must know that a nightstand is provided in bedroom for some uses, like as table lamp place, or as the stuffs storage. If you have bedroom with small space, side table with narrow size is a right choice. Even though it is not wide enough, it is still really useful.

Narrow side table with drawers and shelves

Because of its size, the narrow top can be used maximally. Mostly, it only can accommodate one stuff like a table lamp, an alarm clock, a vase of flower and many more. Therefore, to give more functionality, the table is usually completed with drawers or shelves as additional storages under the table top. It can be used to store books, stationaries, or even the blanket.

Various designs for side table in narrow size

The designs can be chosen based on the materials, shapes, colors and decorations. Side table can be made of any materials, from the woods, metal, stainless steel, glass, to the plastic. It can be designed in various shapes like square, round, or even in geometrical shape. Then, the color options are also varied, so you can pick one that is fit to the bedroom décor, whereas the table’s design.